Welcome to the SEPP, an Alpine boutique hotel in Maria Alm for adults and anyone over 21. Charmingly unconventional, the SEPP is exceptionally unexpected. It's a place that brings together old and new, tradition and zeitgeist. And most importantly, guests. The SEPP spirit is based on the idea that you're never alone when surrounded by others. Together and in the middle of it all, in other words

Open door,
open mind

Sleep well

Each of the five categories of rooms at the SEPP has its own style, and all of them are exceedingly charming and comfortable. Every room has something special, but the relaxed cosiness and exceptional comfort are the same throughout.

Living the high life

There's no better place to experience relaxation at the highest level than on the rooftop. Unwind in the infinity pool or Airstream relaxing lounge. Follow up with a drink at the loft bar. It's something you've got to experience.


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Together in the middle
of it all

The SEPP is more than just a place to spend the night. It's a choice to celebrate life together: meeting new people at get-togethers, experiencing exciting new things and simply having a good time.


Give joy

Make your loved ones or friends happy. Give away a few hours of vacation from everyday life.

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News from the Sepp

A peek behind the scenes? Photos of the most recent event? A taste of what's up next at Hotel SEPP? Here's the latest from the SEPP and Maria Alm.

The SEPP is a hotel for adults and anyone over 21.

In and around Maria Alm

The SEPP isn't the only exSEPPtional thing in the area. The beautiful natural landscape of the Hochkönig region is, too. It's the perfect place for an active getaway, in summer and winter alike.


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