Welcome to the SEPP, the Alpine Boutique Hotel for adults and anyone over 21.


The SEPP at the Highest Level

The centre of attention and above it all: our Airstream sauna appears to float weightlessly above the rooftop. The infinity pool invites you to gaze skyward and take in view of the Steinernes Meer. And then there are culinary highlights – the rooftop is the perfect oasis for adults who aim high.

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Long Live the High Life

Fresh ingredients and inspiration from the loft's show kitchen await guests. The menu features tasty dishes from around the world, the local Eder-Bräu beer, fine wines and delicious cocktails. Reserve now. You're in for a treat.

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Small, Medium and Big Events

Relaxation pure or an active escape: the choice is yours at the SEPP. No matter what your schedule or inspiration, there's an event or get-together for everyone.

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Meetings and corporate events

If you're as easy going as the SEPP is, you don't like things that are too buttoned up. We make meetings, incentives, conferences, company events and seminars an enjoyable experience. We have lots of room for visionary thinking and dynamism and for traditional or more contemporary forms of events.

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exSEPPtional & sustainable

Extraordinary. Unique. Remarkable. Just "exSEPPtional". That is the claim of SEPP. Under the motto "together in the thick of it", guests celebrate life here in a stylishly casual ambience and unconventional feel-good atmosphere in Salzburger Land. Adults-only concept, design refinements, favorite places and extravagant details give the hotel a unique touch for the special kind of lifestyle.

The motto "together in the thick of it" determines the attitude to life at Hotel SEPP. Sports, micro-events and theme weekends bring people together here. At the same time, there is enough space in the house with favorite places for individual moments of retreat. The lifestyle hotel sees itself as a very special place for beautiful encounters, special quality of life, genuine feelings of happiness and many moments of enjoyment and well-being.

In the stylish adults-only hotel for guests 21 and older, a sumptuous breakfast/brunch buffet until 1 p.m. is included in the price. In the evening, there are daily themed dinners from the live cooking station in the loft. The rooftop lounge, thermal infinity pool and Airstream, which was converted into a sauna especially for the hotel, offer spectacular views of the impressive alpine backdrop of the mountains around the rooftop. A leather lounge specially designed by the traditional brand Meindl and trendy Hutschn swings on the balconies underline the extravagant and at the same time playful touch of the extraordinary hotel.

Sustainability is very important to us, especially with regard to our alpine, nature-loving location. Thus, at Hotel SEPP we have made very conscious decisions in favor of a contemporary approach to our environment:

- The hotel is built with concrete formwork blocks in a construction method that is conducive to the indoor climate, which saves air conditioning systems and excessive heating.

- For the facade design, reclaimed wood was used, i.e. used wood was recycled, which is very much in the spirit of material conservation and sustainability.

- The hotel is heated with wood chips - also a particularly sustainable solution.

- We do not use minibars in the rooms, as the devices are enormous energy "guzzlers" and would also have to be replaced about every 5 years, whereby the coolants and the technology are enormously harmful to the environment when the devices are disposed of. And although some guests would still like to have a minibar, we do not want to be responsible for this "environmental sin".

- We no longer automatically put the plastic-wrapped, rubber-soled, plastic bath slippers in the rooms. Many guests have their own slippers with them. But if the hotel slippers are taken out of the bag even just "to look at", we as a hotel have to dispose of them directly for hygiene reasons. This produces huge amounts of waste per hotel, which we find irresponsible. That's why we only give guests the bathing slippers if they specifically request them.

- We also avoid individual plastic packaging such as portioned butter etc. for reasons of sustainability. Therefore, we offer jam, honey, butter, etc. at the buffet for self-portioning.

- When buying food, we pay attention to regional products. The bread is brought from the baker in Maria Alm, eggs from the local farmer, sausage, meat and cheese as far as possible also from regional suppliers. Of course, this is not possible with all foodstuffs, but if we can save on delivery routes and thus reduce the burden on the environment, we naturally do so. Besides, local products are so delicious anyway! We even grow herbs ourselves seasonally and then use them in the kitchen.

- In the public hotel areas as well as in the rooms, we have used many natural materials and dispensed with sealing varnishes and wax. For example, the wooden floors and walls are completely untreated.

- The rooms do not have air conditioning. The construction method ensures an appropriate room climate and in summer a pleasant breeze with open windows is much healthier than an air-conditioning system, which on top of that would be very energy-consuming and therefore not very sustainable.

- In the rooms there are refillable soap dispensers to avoid small packaging units. We also deliberately do not use amenities such as individually packaged cotton pads, nail files, etc. in the rooms to avoid unnecessary waste. Of course, we keep a small supply at the reception in case a guest needs it.

- For guest transfers and deliveries, we rely on e-mobility from Greenstorm and therefore have two electric vehicles to avoid both exhaust and noise emissions. We move between our two hotels either on foot or with our environmentally friendly "TreeCycle", with which we can shuttle guests and also make smaller deliveries between the hotels.

- For guests with e-vehicles and the hotel's own e-mobiles, we have installed two wallboxes from the "Free Solar Route". In addition, there are two Tesla electric charging stations in the underground car park.

- The tap water in the hotel comes directly from the springs in the surrounding mountains. Thus, we can drink the water directly from the tap. Therefore, in the guest rooms we provide a glas water bottle to fill and thus avoid the waste of disposable bottles.

- We cooperate with partners who also live the idea of sustainability such as the traditional costume manufacturer Meindl, the Hutschn manufacture for swings as well as the fashion manufacturer Erdbär together with the platform #Worldchanger.

Of course, we always critically question our measures and constantly develop our sustainability concept.

Sepp Adults Only Fahne
The SEPP is a hotel for adults and anyone over 21.