Flying high

The SEPP celebrates the highest form of charming extravagance – at our rooftop oasis. Here's where it happens. What exactly? The SEPP lifestyle. Once you've made it to the top, your reward is an incredible view of the Steinernes Meer and even more highlights to discover.

Loft — Infinity pool — Sauna — Lounge

Everything your heart desires

Everything under one roof

We combine blissful relaxation, living pure, cheerful hospitality and new friends under one roof. When you're not out exploring the mountains, you can join us for fun indoors. Enjoy a late brunch, a drink at the bar, a relaxed game of billiards, some time on the swing or nice conversation along with a delicious dinner. The loft is essentially a playground for adults and everyone over 21.

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Joie de vivre
Joie de vivre

Don't panic

It is a legend and extremely cool: The Airstream. At SEPP, the iconic classic car is a special highlight high up on the roof. Because the specially converted classic is an extravagant relaxation room with a spectacular view. Warm air inside and fresh mountain air outside also suit it. Airstream, after all. It was "born in the USA" and travelled from there via Hamburg to Maria Alm. This 9-metre-long aluminium beauty now towers over our roof terrace - perfectly secured, of course. So "Don't Panic"!

Never-ending relaxation

It's easy to forget your plans and give yourself up to the comforting heated water and take in the mountain backdrop of the Hochkönig region. At 12 metres long, our pool does have its limits, admittedly. But you'll hardly notice when swimming your laps. The glass walls give you a never-ending view above and below the surface. It is called an infinity pool after all.

Luxury with a twist

Serenity at the SEPP

If you're looking for a quiet place, our atrium underneath the trees is just the spot. Our lounge perfectly combines the outdoors and indoors. The transition is so smooth because nature doesn't need to stay outside. Enjoy moments of pure bliss, seated on lounge cushions and gazing up into the trees. Or treat yourself to a relaxing massage in our wellness room.

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Surprisingly unexpected
Surprisingly unexpected