Everything just comes together at the SEPP. Guests meet up. Delicious treats from the show kitchen in our loft are paired with refreshing drinks and fine wines from the rooftop bar. Carefully selected ingredients help celebrate how lovely it is to be among company. Inspirations from around the world are combined for exciting variety. Global delicacies are given a regional twist. No surprise since that's what the SEPP is all about.


No hood, but we’d be too warm for that anyway. Luxury at SEPP means celebrating life together in the middle of it – with delicacies from the show kitchen and the rooftop bar in the attic. There is an exSEPPtional dinner every day and there is certainly something delicious for you. Assuming you’ve secured a table at the restaurant.

By the way, our chef Paolo de Vries is from the Netherlands. For many years he has loved his adopted home in the mountains. #PaololovesCooking is his Instagram name – and the fact that Paolo loves cooking is something you can taste! His culinary creations combine culinary influences from urban Amsterdam, Italian and Austrian cuisine – creative, varied and always delicious!

Daily dinner menu

And if the kitchen in the SEPP stays cold or you feel like other worlds of enjoyment, then just head over to the Eder at the village square of Maria Alm or to the TaNte FriDa Pizzeria.

SEPP Dinner 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Unser Chefkoch Paolo de Vries ist aus den Niederlanden. Seit vielen Jahren liebt er seine Wahlheimat in den Bergen. #PaololovesCooking ist sein Instagram-Name – und dass Paolo das Kochen liebt, das schmeckt man! Seine Genuss-Kreationen vereinen kulinarische Einflüsse aus dem urbanen Amsterdam, der italienischen und der österreichischen Küche – kreativ, abwechslungsreich und immer köstlich!


Slept past breakfast? There's no such thing at the SEPP. We skip breakfast and offer brunch instead because it's so easy to lose track of time in our comfortable rooms. Our bunch includes the classics as well as delicious specialities, sweet treats and fresh smoothies made with Alpine herbs. It's a perfect way to start the day.

Open daily until 01:00 pm.


We celebrate life together in the middle of it all. It's easy at our bar in the stylish atmosphere of the SEPP loft. In addition to our delicious signature cocktails, fine wines and our own Eder beer, there's lots to talk about, cool beats to listen to, and always a reason for laughter and merry-making. It's no wonder evenings quickly turn into a celebration. So raise a glass to the rooftop. Cheers!

Open daily until 2:00 am.
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The superb Eder Beer
The superb Eder Beer