The exSEPPtional Culinary Festival

05. 04. 2019
The exSEPPtional Culinary Festival

SEPP featuring NENI

Family feeling and joie de vivre packed into a saucepan. Stirred vigorously. Set at a table. And shared with family and friends. That is NENI. And because it fits so nicely with SEPP's motto "together in the middle of it all", the famous Molcho family around Haya will be cooking live in the show kitchen at the SEPP attic on May 16, 2019.

Guests with Friends

Delicacies such as hummus with chickpeas, tabouleh and pita bread, sabich, focaccia and ceviche with grapes are served in the NENI style. Regional ingredients meet exotic delicacies like chicken shawarma with grilled vegetables. And the culinary journey is crowned with a dessert show with knafeh, mozarella, Valrohna ganache, caramel sauce and berries.

With the so-called "Balagan" menu, the dishes are placed uncomplicatedly in the middle of the table so that everyone can try everything. Informal, cordial and personal - like being a guest at a friend's house.

This is exactly the philosophy of SEPP: Under the motto "together in the middle of it all," guests come together around the live cooking station, chat, eat, drink, laugh, make new friends, and enjoy the moment.

Food connects People

The name NENI reflects the philosophy of the Molcho family, who have made an international splash with their culinary concept. Haya explains:

"Family is an essential part of our lives. We always ate at a big table with the whole family and many friends. And this is exactly the principle on which we have built NENI. All family members contribute their talents to the company and are in constant communication with each other. NENI is our passion coupled with openness and love for food".

The delicacies are characterized not only by the best ingredients and the honest cuisine, but also by a team from all over the world with different skin colors, cultures, religions and talents, which give the delicious creations a very special touch.

Exklusive Package

The meeting and the common culinary benefit with the family Molcho in the hotel SEPP is bookable at the exclusive price starting from 315 euro per person. The arrangement is inclusive of two nights and rich brunch buffet until 13.00, use of infinity pool and Airstream sauna as well as the NENI Live Cooking Experience & Dinner.

Guests from the region who do not wish to stay at Hotel SEPP are welcome to attend only the NENI dinner on May 16, 2019 at the price of € 75,00 per person.

NENI and SEPP - two worlds that fit together perfectly and are connected by the passion for a pleasurable life.

The exSEPPtional Culinary Festival